Kenya Bound!

21 Aug

There are not many things better than working a year in Kenya. One of those things? Working a second year in Kenya.

I’ve accepted an offer from Planet Rating – a microfinance rating agency – at their Kenya office in Nairobi, two blocks down from my old workplace! I start September 10th.

As Research Analyst, part of what I’ll be doing is financial analysis to determine ratings for microfinance organisations in Kenya and other countries. It will be fun working on rating institutions like the one I worked for last year, and I will learn so much from my new co-workers about microfinance in Kenya.

I’ve had a great time being home. Over the past month and a half, I visited my brother and his girlfriend in DC, took a road trip with three college buds to New Orleans, gave a presentation on microfinance and Kenyan culture at Global Village (fair trade store I worked at in college), spent quality time with my Dad & sister (sis is now off to her first year of college in Hawaii!), spent time with extended family in a cabin on Lake Michigan, and met up with as many friends as I could.

I’m excited to go back to Kenya – my belly is grumblin’ for some ugali and sukuma wiki! I’ll do my best to keep you up-t0-date with what transpires throughout this second year.

A few pics from my time in the US:

DC trip (cousin Beth Ann, sister Emily, me, brother David, girlfriend Yanett) –

Global Village talk (Delaware, OH) –

New Orleans trip (Cameron & Xing) –

I’ll be in touch from the (other) land of Obama – Kenya!


One Response to “Kenya Bound!”

  1. Dave Fisher December 16, 2012 at 2:52 am #

    OK let’s see how many days are between July 8th and Sept. 10th. I think that comes to about 2 MONTHS, and the only time I saw you while I was running, was when I passed you on my way back for my run at the track. You were suppose to get in at least one 5K race before going back. 🙂 Oh well, I hope you learn a lot and enjoy yourself the coming year.

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